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DatelAction Replay MAX NGC / Wii

Productnummer: 22691

Datel - Action Replay MAX  NGC / Wii

Dit product is op het moment helaas niet leverbaar.
Welcome to Action Replay, the incredible new cheat system that unleashes the true power of your Nintendo GameCube. With Action Replay even a complete novice can become a real gaming guru overnight! Action Replay is the only cheat system designed specifically for GameCube. Using Datel’s advanced proprietary technology, the Action Replay cheat system can unlock even the very toughest games at the press of a button. Straight out of the box you get a GameCube-sized Action Replay CD which contains hundreds of preloaded cheat codes for all your favourite games. Action Replay offers gamers total flexibility and freedom. You may want to unlock everything in a game – infinite health, ammo and time, access all levels and vehicles, and much more. Or instead you can activate just the one or two cheats you need to get you that little bit further in the game. It’s your choice. So why are Action Replay’s codes so sought after? Your run-of-the-mill ‘button’ cheats, which are sometimes made available for certain games, are actually official cheats designed by a game’s programmers, whereas the excitement of Action Replay is that every code you see if 100% unofficial. There are no rules! Datel’s crack team of coders work day and night to provide gamers with an armoury of essential cheats and mega-powerful enhancements. And because these totally unauthorised codes are exclusive to Action Replay, you won’t find them anywhere else. Despite all this power, Action Replay is breathtakingly easy to use. Even complete beginners will master it in minutes. Everything is presented in clear, intuitive menus. Use your GameCube controller to choose the game you want to beat and you’ll be presented with a long list of mouthwatering cheats which have been crafted specifically for your selected game. You can activate as few or as many of these codes as you like. Another type of Action Replay code that can be activated is the ‘enhancement’ code. Enhancements are enabled in exactly the same way as cheat codes, but as the name suggests they make subtle changes to your gaming experience. Often they won’t help you complete a game, but enhancements like Extra-Fast-Ball can suddenly give that played-to-death football game a much-needed lease of life. Some enhancements need to be seen to be believed, such as the hilarious code for Luigi’s Mansion which turns our hero into an outlandishly sized giant! One of the most requested features of Action Replay is Datel’s revolutionary FreeLoader technology. This groundbreaking feature lets you enjoy ANY region of GameCube game on ANY region of GameCube. The FreeLoader function is very simple to activate – the gamer chooses this menu option on-screen, then is prompted to replace the Action Replay disc with the import game disc. Features: - Preloaded with loads of exclusive cheats for GameCube games. - Totally unauthorised cheats and enhancements you won’t find anywhere else. - Play import games from any region without modifying your console using Datel’s revolutionary ‘FreeLoader’ technology. - Intuitive menu system. - Stylish, hi-resolution graphics. - Easy to use – no technical or programming knowledge required.
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